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by danielml on December 16, 2009

"Angels and ministers of grace defend us"
"He will give His angels charge over you"

Yesterday morning.  Riding along on the sparkling pavement.  It seemed alright.  I wasn't slipping around for the most part.  I don't have my studded tires with me in Michigan, so I was rolling on slicks.  I was moving briskly with a nice tail wind.  East on Leonard past Ball I was really feeling my pace.

Swish.  My back wheel slides out from under me - sideways.  I'm falling to the left and backwards - I'm unclipped like lightning fast and sliding along the pavement 15 or so feet.  Weirdest thing - I didn't feel myself hit the road.  All the cars that I thought were around me - front, left & behind - gone.  The best I can figure, angels caught me and flew me to a safe place.

I hopped up and off the road so fast.  I can't explain it with my own ability.  Yesterday morning God had my back -- big time!  The pavement was soft as a pillow.  Not a scratch on me or a scuff on my clothes!  Incredible!  The worst my bike suffered was a misaligned handle-bar/front wheel.  I put the wheel between my legs and jerked the handlebar straight.  I was praising God all morning ... that and feeling an intense adrenaline rush.  There's not a bruise on me!  If you've ever fallen off a bike onto pavement, you know this is at least unusual.

I know God and His angels rescued me yesterday morning.  How super awesome!

That being said, I'll be a bit more careful with sparkly pavement from now on.  :o And I took the bus most of the way home in the falling snow and sub-freezing temperatures last night....
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