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holiday bike update
by danielml on December 15, 2007

OK!  So, finals week is finally over.  I can now catch up on a few little things I've neglected.  I've been riding my bike every day since late this August; but, I haven't been journaling.  I've been riding around 10 miles per day which include taking Aster to his kindergarten and then taking me up to college.  I stop by the gym to change shirts and then away to classes.  Then, at the end of the day, I go back to A's school and home.  On Monday nights, I took Aster to my walking lecture with me and then we met Michelle and rented some movies and went out to eat.  The rides were pleasant and generally uneventful.  When snow hit, I ordered Nokian studded tires for my bike and they have been WONDERFUL for getting me around in the slick and wet.  I lost my ultra awesome rain jacket this semester (someone might've stolen it!) so, I had to buy a new, warm winter bike jacket.  I also put "clipless" pedals on my bike by "crank brothers" and am using Ortlieb panniers to haul my books and clothes around in.  I took my bike in to the shop today to get overhauled -- as Michelle and I have figured I've put over 4,000 miles on the bike and I was having some chain/cassette/hub issues.  I'm having a good time riding every day and it helps me feel healthy and wakes me up for classes in the morning!  I love it!  I also love the strange looks I get from people as I ride my bike in the snow!  They look at me like deer trapped in my tiny blinky headlight!  haha.

I'm thinking I want to continue training over the rest of the winter and I want to take another long trip this coming spring/summer.  I'd like to continue riding at least 10 miles per day and maybe 30-40 miles on the weekend; but, we'll see.  Maybe once my bike is out of the shop, I'll post some pics of all my cool new gear.  School keeps me really busy and that's why updates are few and far between.
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