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Rocketrek, Ironman
by danielml on August 12, 2008

It's been ages since I updated my bike journal.  Since I moved to Rapid City, SD, I've been riding 18-30 miles per day.  I recently started training with Zac Hester who is a triathlete in town.  I took a little time off of training for knee problems and because of traveling, life and etc.  But still, my bicycle is the way I get around.  Who knows.  Maybe I'll be in a race next year!   :)  This morning's training ride was really fulfilling.  I didn't push myself too hard, and waking up before dawn in the cool of morning was exhilarating.  I'm beginning to love the quiet of early morning.

I just completed work on http://rocketrek.com .  John Herrington is a former astronaut who is taking a diaganol cross-country bicycle tour to promote math and science in schools.  He's a pretty cool guy and I am proud to be part of the project (even as just a web-programmer).  Check out his site and send him good vibes and prayers for his travels.  I think what he's doing is admirable.  

keep rollin',

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