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by danielml on April 13, 2007

I took my bike to the shop yesterday to get it tuned up.  I wanted to pay someone to tune up my bike because I feel overwhelmed with small "to-do" items lately.  Maybe it wasn't worth it - maybe it was.  They cleaned my bike and fully lubricated everything adjusting the brakes and gears.  They also trued and filled my tires.

My bike rode like it was new today.  I hooked up the trailer and took Aster to our favorite park.  The ride was uneventful although a little slow for my liking.  There was a strong Northwest wind.  Cold and cumbersome.

Aster threw his basketball around at the park.  He targeted mainly trees and poles.  He played catch with a little girl and invited her to his Grave Digger birthday party which he plans on having at the Air Zoo.  It's the first I've heard about it....

We rode home. I made a small dinner while Michelle watched Gilmore Girls (or as I like to call it "Kill More Girls") on DVD.  It was nice though the ride was short and easy.  

The sky is clear and the snow has mostly melted.
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