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Creativity is the root of cultural growth.
It gives us identity.
It sweetens our everyday lives.

Print Design

KPO Prelimanary Logo Designs
KPO Logo Draft KPO Logo Draft KPO Logo Draft KPO Logo Draft

Other Logos
Summer Spectacular
Church-sponsored summer kids' event.
The Automatic Rhythm Section Logo
Indie analogue garage-rock logo.

Church Posters
Poster : Heart Poster : Putting The Pieces Together Poster : Body Of Christ

Spiritual Growth Icons
Growth Series: Preparing Growth Series: Planting Growth Series: Emerging Growth Series: Growing Growth Series: Producing Growth Series: Sharing

Web Design

Dakota Yote
I designed, coded and did product photography for the dakotayote website.

The Journey Museum Calendar
The Journey Museum Store
I took part in the design and coded The Journey Museum's website with special focus on the calendar and store.

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