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Taco-Man Plays A Video Game

For Taco-Man Plays A Video Game, the client had a plan to slowly introduce new versions of the themesong in different styles throughout the life of the series. This yielded mixed results with fans, but it was fun to work this song into several different genres.
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Dubya Theme Song

The challenge for the Dubya theme song was to write music that was definitely in the old "Scooby-Doo" style, with similar rhythmic and chordal pacing, while still maintaining uniqueness in melody and arrangement. This was accomplished through the creative use of melodic inversion, and borrowing flavor from '60's surfer music, blue-grass and adding "Hail to the Chief" as counter-melody in the orchestral bells and ending trombone parts. Vocal and instrumental doubling was employed to get the "full orchestra" feel without having to hire a full orchestra and men's chorus. This kept costs down for the client while still perfectly suiting their needs.
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Life's a Flash Movie (Instruments Only)

For the Life's a Flash Movie music, the client wanted to pay tribute to the Muppet Show while still maintaining thematic uniqueness and using as few instrumentalists as possible. Instrumental doubling and synthesized instruments were used to full effect keeping client costs to a minimum while still delivering quality audio.

Lardy Linda

"Lardy Linda" was created entirely from scratch. The client wanted a complete song -- words, music, and arrangement -- in a sugar-pop style, synched perfectly to animation that had already been created. The only parameters the client set were that it had to be paced exactly correctly, had to contain "la la la"'s and had to have several "fat jokes" with a play on the name "Linda".

Scandals (men's "chorus")

The challenge of Scandals was to create a full-sounding men's backup chorus, which was fully in-synch to an animated character's voice and inflection, while only using one vocalist.

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