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About Daniel

Daniel is a 28 yr. old author, artist and musician. He has been publicly performing since 1985 when he was an active member of his church choir as well as the Rapid City Children's Chorus where he was privileged to sing for and meet President George Bush Sr. and Bobby McFerrin. Daniel began studying the viola in fourth grade and has been an active member of several string orchestras and quartets. He began writing his own music in 7th grade focusing primarily on the piano. In college, his brother gave him his first bass guitar, Grendel. From there he learned the guitar, mandolin, penny whistle and cello. Since college (at Indiana Wesleyan U. and Greenville College), Daniel has been a part of several bands and played backup for several underground punk and folk groups. He has played with m. cotu, Soul Manna, The Sam Bill's Band, Jessi Robertson, Mike Knorr, Ashlie in October, Nik Paul, Far From Luke, Tom Adamson & The Automatic Rhythm Section, and the indie-pop phenom, The Icicles. Through these groups, he has toured extensively in the Midwest and also used his talent to tour through Eastern Europe.

Daniel currently lives in Kalamazoo, MI with his wife and his son where he owns and operates danielml.com.

PO Box 19841, Kalamazoo MI 49019 | 616.204.2444 | danielml@danielml.com

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