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Pretentious Blue Lines: A Webcomic by Daniel ML, is an exercise in post-modern ironic minimalism whose purpose is both self-critique and critique of modern culture through the use of satire, metaphysical iconography and hermetic symbolism. The pages are first hand-drawn on 6 " by 10" sketch paper using Prismacolor Non-Photo Blue pencils. The lines are then inked entirely with a Hunt Imperial 101 nib and then brushed with a Winsor & Newton Artisan 6 brush using only Higgins Fadeproof Blue Ink No. 44685. The final drawing is digitally captured using a Canon LIDE 50 scanner at 300dpi and digitally edited using JASC Paint Shop Pro 9.0 where pencil lines and paper texture are removed using the "Color Replacer Tool", ink and brush strokes are enhanced using the "Erode" effect twice and finally everything is smoothed slightly using "Edge Preserving Smooth". From there, text is added and the image is cropped, framed and reduced for viewing on the web. All web-design is done using Microsoft Notepad 5.1.

© 2006 by daniel ml. All rights reserved.