Only One More Day


Table of Contents

Title Pg. 1
I. Mother 2
II. He said, "Why'd you come down here?" 3
III. So, I decided to drop by. 4
IV. Infinity never loved 5
V. Feel the blood through my veins ... 6
VI. You 7
VII. Wonder 9
VIII. I hate the way 10
IX. With these eyes there's just one kind of light. 11
X. matador 12
XI. "I like to feel the cold on my face because it's so real" 13
XII. Love is real 14
XIII. Lost in sorrow 15
XIV. I told her I had to leave tomorrow. 17
XV. peek a boo 18
XVI. Silent 20
XVII. on and on and on 21
XVIII. (The eyes come back with a cause.) 23
XIX. of you say 26
XX. nature 27
XXI. God. 30
XXII. city city 31
XXIII. And she waits 35
XXIV. start with a circle 38
XXV. ... save me ... 39
XXVI. sound 45
XXVII. Now that you're here, what are you going to do? 49
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