Dear Friends,
  It has been some time since I wrote to you last.  These last two months have come and gone like a whirlwind (thoughts I hear echoed among many).  But, they have been productive months ... and Halloween was fun!
  I have added RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to the most frequently updated parts of my site.  This means if you have an RSS aggregator, you can get updates from my site without having to visit it to find them!  Look for a small orange logo on various pages to subscribe to specific feeds.
  Some cartoon music I did for ebolaworld can be heard with animation here:
  Tom Adamson has released "Haystack Needles" as a mastered hard copy.  You can order it here:
  The Chocolate Monkey Studios pages have new information, looks and sounds.  Check 'em out here:

*drum roll*  And finally, The Usual Things album is finished and will be released to the general public December 1st, 2006!!!  You can pre-order a copy here:  It will be delivered to your door on or slightly before 12-1-2006 if you order this month!  

Happy Day of the Dead!  (or All Saints Day!)  (or Samhain!)  (or World Vegan Day!)  (or Wednesday!)

ps  Don't forget to vote next week!

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