Dear Friends,
  And so ends June.  
  This past Sunday through Tuesday, Aster and I had an adventure together.  You can read about it here:
  Tomorrow is Michelle's commencement ceremony for her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing.  We're all very excited.  She still has a little over a month and a half to go; but, they're letting her walk tomorrow.  How cool!
  I worked on some music for Sam T of for his awards show.  View it here:
  I'm writing a couple of screenplays for animations in the coming months.  One will be using the "Aster's World" characters and is called "Goldminer's Good Day".  The other involves bunnies, the mob and a killer cat.  I'm currently researching it by watching the "The Godfather" movies. :)
  The album art is finished for "The Usual Things" and I am in the process of mastering all the tracks.  
  You can read section 11 of the Rosarium series here:

I wish you all the best this summer!
daniel ml

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