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by danielml on May 24, 2007

I forgot to type my bike journal the other day when I rode.  Bad Daniel!  Bad Bad Daniel!

Anyway, both rides involved the park close by (the other day and today).  

The day before yesterday, I decided to take Aster to the park after his nap.  I got him a snack and rode in the warmth of early summer to the park a couple miles away.  Nothing exciting.  I hate crossing Drake Rd.  It's a pain.  You would think one of the main arteries of this part of town would have sidewalks on both sides of the street.  But it doesn't.  

Anyway, we got to the park and I let Aster play for a couple hours as one of his friends from his former daycare had arrived.  They had a good time.  Five O'clock rolled around and I phoned Michelle on the cell and asked if she could bring us a picnic dinner from Panera.  She agreed and 20 minutes later we were having a picnic on a gorgeous day.  M took the boy home in the car and I rode my bike.  We arrived at the street corner outside our apartment at about the same time.  This surprised me and I have a hunch she let me have a big head start to make me feel good.  

This morning I had to visit the post office since I needed to mail a necklace that a customer purchased.  I've begun ebaying some of the things I create to literally and figuratively "clean out my closet".  I chained my bike to the "no parking anytime" sign which Aster chided me for.  I really didn't have much of a choice.  Checked my PO Box and sent the package.  Scruffy USPS worker looked at me like I was crazy - probably the sweat.  It's a warm day.

We rode on our way to the park.  Extremely uneventful.  I let Aster play for half an hour and he did all the things he likes to do - including making cupcake batter out of sand, and pretending to eat sand cupcakes.  He has recently developed a fear of heights and no longer enjoys sailing high on the swings.  Strange.

We rode home uneventfully again.  I noticed I was able to pick up the pace a little more today and was filled with energy.  On the way home I was getting an "I desperately need some calories" headache.  Pink lemonade solved that up nicely.  I think I'll have a couple Nilla wafers, too.

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