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by danielml on May 13, 2007

Thursday, the 10th, I put Aster in the trailer and decided to ride down to the Kalamazoo Valley Public Museum.  It was an alright ride down there.  The sidewalks were pretty bad and I dared not ride down W. Main.  I'm not built up enough this season to feel I can compete on the road ... especially not hauling a trailer.

Not much happened on the way there.  It was mostly downhill and at one point I had to ride against the flow of traffic on a one-way street just to get to the sidewalk.  It annoyed me that at one other point, I absolutely HAD to cross railroad tracks at a 45 degree angle, too.

We arrived at the museum and I used 3 bike locks (2 coils and 1 U-lock) to lock everything up.  The museum was nice.  There was a decent "natural forces" display as well as a good kids-science exhibit.  I impressed a couple of the museum ladies with my explanations of some of the exhibits to Aster.  Haha.  j/k.

We spent about an hour there and had a good bit of fun.  Aster's favorite exhibit was the old fashioned Taxicab.

When we left there were a lot of people hanging around outside.  Aster was trying to show off by running around on a low wall and jumping off.  Some lady commented to me that he was very cute and she thought the trailer was cool.  About halfway home, I noticed my headlight was missing.  I wonder if it got stolen?

The ride home was tough.  The long uphill stretch of W. Main from downtown to Drake really beat me up.  I made it without stopping, though.  Closer to home, I was riding down a side street and made a signal to turn left.  A car quite a ways behind me started honking and honking.  The car that was honking pulled up behind me and a guy started yelling at me saying "I'm gonna kick your ass you white-ass mother-fucker!"   I just kept riding and exclaimed "whatever" to myself.  

We rode the rest of the way home without incident.  It was very warm out and I enjoyed a nice cool shower once we got inside.
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