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Creativity is the root of cultural growth.
It gives us identity.
It sweetens our everyday lives.
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Chocolate Monkey Studios, a division of danielml.com, is a full graphic and audio design studio whose primary focus is designing for independent artists, musicians and jewelers.

Music Arrangement and Audio Design

Music can be used to set a mood, tell a story, evoke emotion and stimulate the mind. Some things that cannot be said merely with words and actions are clearly communicated with a melody or a beat. Chocolate Monkey Studios is a full Music Composition & Arrangement workshop and Audio Recording, Engineering, Production and Mastering Studio. With over 10 years experience in the music industry, we know exactly how to meet your audio needs.

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Photography, Graphic and Web Design

The eye is the most easily stimulated part of the body. It is fundamental to how most of us move, think and react. Photographs preserve those flickering moments too fragile for our memories to hold forever. Photographs show the stories we wish to tell while Creative Design conveys meaning through imagery. Chocolate Monkey Studios specializes in product photography, children's portraits and artist promotional materials. We understand that although your art and music speak for themselves, quality visual design is necessary to draw in your desired audience.

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About Pricing

Each project is as unique as its creators. Please ask for quotes regarding your special project so we can best meet your needs within your budget.

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