The Empyrean


to partake of?  He has kissed
the Earth with His Glory!  Sing!"
  Hear you nations, the Lord!

    Seek first the Kingdom of God

Arthur is overcome with
regret.  All this time looking 
for diff'rent donut shops when 
what he was really searching
for was in the Diner--A
hot cup of very strong tea.
"It's too late now," he thinks to
himself.  "Once a donut man,
always a donut man."  He 
leaves the Diner sad.  The
man in the black overcoat
looks after him in pity.

  He'll never
  a King.

 Don't you know you have a choice?
 Yes, you have a choice to choose.
To live in death or in life--
Those are the choices you have.

© 2002 by daniel ml. All rights reserved.